Tourism in Australia

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At one time, the main tourists on this distant continent were exiled convicts or lovers of freedom from all conventions. Currently, Australia is a paradise for fans of high waves, exotic fishing, unusual animals that are found only here.

Tourism in Australia is gaining momentum, although the geographical distance, the associated problem of a long and expensive flight, most likely will not allow the country to reach the world leaders in terms of the number of travelers and visitors from abroad.

Australian Golden Sands

Most beaches in Australia are located on the east coast. The locals have come up with beautiful poetic names for many of these places, which serve as an additional lure for curious tourists, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Golden Coast. The same story is with the name of other localities on the green continent, which indicates the existence of real poets here.

The golden stripes of the beaches and the blue abyss of the ocean are not so serene as it may seem at first glance. Huge waves, the joy of surfers, is not uncommon, which makes the rest on the Australian coast special.

Personal safety

Staying in Australia can be a serious test for gentle tourist. First, the hot sun does not spare the white guests. You need to take care of sunscreen and wardrobe. Secondly, the fauna of this wild corner of the planet is rich in various reptiles and not quite cultural amphibians. Inhabitants of the deep sea may also refuse to meet with a curious tourist, do not impose, so as not to get a serious answer.

Hotel business

Here you can not find stars on the facades, which speak about the level of the hotel, but you should ask the class to choose a place to stay. The rooms are quite comfortable. It is better to choose hotels that are closer to the center. It is possible to combine rest with sightseeing. From the center, it is also more convenient to go on sightseeing tours of cities and environs.

Although, if the purpose of the trip is surfing, and the monuments of Australian culture and history are not at all of the interest, you can safely go to the coast. The choice of places for housing is sufficient, and the minimum comfort is provided.