Tanami Desert

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The Australian continent was once a great mystery to Europeans. When they got there, the mysteries did not diminish, and one of them was the Tanami desert. It was a frontier of the Northern Territory, which was practically not explored until the middle of the last century.

Geography of the Tanami Desert

Modern devices made it possible to measure the total area occupied by this desert territory accurately, and as a result, the figure of 292,194 square kilometers appears in all textbooks and encyclopedias, including Wikipedia. It is difficult for an ordinary person to explain how it was possible to determine the area of ​​the desert so accurately, and where the natural border between Tanami and neighboring territories is.

A close look at the map of Australia allows you to find out the exact location of this desert. If you divide the continent into classical parts of north, south, west, east, then it turns out that Tanami spread its land mainly in Northern Australia, where it occupies the central regions. From the west, the Tanami in the neighbors has the Great Sandy Desert, on the southern border is the same neighbor the Gibson Desert, and on the southeast side is Alice Springs, a small settlement.

Scientists give the following characteristics of this desert region of the Australian continent: it is a desert steppe, typical of the central regions of the continent, and it consists of extensive sandy plains. The second component of the desert is dunes. You can also observe the shallow basins of the river Lander flowing in these places.


Although the territory, according to all classifications, belongs to deserts, scientists define the climate in it as semi-desert. This is because during the year the amount of precipitation can reach 430 mm. Moreover, 80% of precipitation occurs in this desert in the summer months, that is, from October to March.

The critical indicator that this is still a desert is the average air temperature in the summer and winter periods. In winter, the average daily temperature is + 25 ° С in the daytime and + 10 ° С at night. In summer, the Tanami Desert is much hotter: + 22 ° C on average at night, and + 37 ° C during the day.