Symbol of Sydney

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Sydney is able to conquer the hearts of travelers because this city is a flourishing metropolis with parks and green oases. You should pay attention to the Royal Botanical Garden, where you can walk on the grass and lie down on the lawn. In addition, there are numerous beaches in and around Sydney. Surfing and ferry tours of the harbor are available for guests.

Sydney Opera House

The musical theater is a symbol of Sydney. It is worth noting that there are several halls inside: the Concert Hall where various concerts are organized, in particular, performances by world stars, a hall where ballet and opera performances are staged, the Drama Hall, which is used for musical and dramatic productions, and also restaurants.

Tourists will be interested in the morning excursion, during which they will be offered to go backstage and experience a theatrical atmosphere. As for those who want to go to the opera, this will be quite problematic, since it is advisable to engage in the purchase of tickets in advance, and their prices are not the cheapest.

Address: Bennelong Point, website:

Harbor bridge

For everyone older than ten years, excursions are regularly arranged. Approximate cost is $ 200, and travels on the bridge by personal transport is $ 3 to the top of the bridge. It rises more than 130 m above sea level, from where a spectacular panorama of Sydney opens.  In addition, an on-site instructor gives sightseers a suit with insurance.

It is worth noting that the Harbor Bridge is inextricably linked with the New Year celebrations, accompanied by pyrotechnic shows. At 21:00, guests and residents of Sydney indulge with family fireworks.

Address: Cumberland Street

Sydney Tower

The TV tower, more than 300 m high, is equipped with shops, 4D cinema, restaurants, two viewing platforms. It is supposed to move there by one of 3 high-speed elevators. They can bring you tp 250 and 268 meters in height. These two objects allow you to admire not only Sydney beauty but also the suburbs and neighboring cities.

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