Tours to Sydney

The Luna Park ferris wheel illuminated by the Phantasos light installation during Vivid Sydney 2018.

In honor of Lord Sydney, who was the minister of the colonies of Her Majesty, the city was named, which became the site of the first colonial settlement of Europeans on the newly discovered far continent. Since then, modern skyscrapers and openwork bridges have grown here, the Olympic Games have been held on the shores of the city near the bay, and the coming of the New Year is noisily celebrated every December. Tours to Sydney, despite the frankly expensive and long tiresome flight, do not become less popular with travelers from all over the world.

History with geography

The land, called New South Wales, was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 on the way from New Zealand. With the beginning of the war of independence, the United States stopped accepting British criminals to settle as before. And therefore Her Majesty’s correctional system began to look for other ways to solve the problem. So the city arose in Sydney Bay, the first inhabitants of which were the exiled English convicts.

The city lies in a valley on the Pacific coast. It is bordered by the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park. Sydney Bay with the Gulf is the most significant natural formation of its kind in the world.

Summer in Sydney begins in December, and the air temperature in July-August can reach +30 degrees. In winter, that is, in June, thermometers record +15 and so.

Precipitations to tour participants in Sydney are not terrible most of the year, and heavy rains are characteristic only for March-June. However, a record number of them can cause flooding, accompanied by strong storms and heavy wind.

Briefly about the important

The best options for flights offer Arab and Japanese airlines or Thailand.

Getting around the city is possible on the Sydney metro or light rail. Go to the area of ​​Manly beaches tour participants in Sydney and ferries.

The most popular time to travel to Australia is the New Year holidays. However, to admire the famous salute in the harbor of Sydney, you have to take places in the surrounding parks and lawns no later than noon.

Tourism in Australia

At one time, the main tourists on this distant continent were exiled convicts or lovers of freedom from all conventions. Currently, Australia is a paradise for fans of high waves, exotic fishing, unusual animals that are found only here.

Tourism in Australia is gaining momentum, although the geographical distance, the associated problem of a long and expensive flight, most likely will not allow the country to reach the world leaders in terms of the number of travelers and visitors from abroad.

Australian Golden Sands

Most beaches in Australia are located on the east coast. The locals have come up with beautiful poetic names for many of these places, which serve as an additional lure for curious tourists, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Golden Coast. The same story is with the name of other localities on the green continent, which indicates the existence of real poets here.

The golden stripes of the beaches and the blue abyss of the ocean are not so serene as it may seem at first glance. Huge waves, the joy of surfers, is not uncommon, which makes the rest on the Australian coast special.

Personal safety

Staying in Australia can be a serious test for gentle tourist. First, the hot sun does not spare the white guests. You need to take care of sunscreen and wardrobe. Secondly, the fauna of this wild corner of the planet is rich in various reptiles and not quite cultural amphibians. Inhabitants of the deep sea may also refuse to meet with a curious tourist, do not impose, so as not to get a serious answer.

Hotel business

Here you can not find stars on the facades, which speak about the level of the hotel, but you should ask the class to choose a place to stay. The rooms are quite comfortable. It is better to choose hotels that are closer to the center. It is possible to combine rest with sightseeing. From the center, it is also more convenient to go on sightseeing tours of cities and environs.

Although, if the purpose of the trip is surfing, and the monuments of Australian culture and history are not at all of the interest, you can safely go to the coast. The choice of places for housing is sufficient, and the minimum comfort is provided.

Tanami Desert

Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

The Australian continent was once a great mystery to Europeans. When they got there, the mysteries did not diminish, and one of them was the Tanami desert. It was a frontier of the Northern Territory, which was practically not explored until the middle of the last century.

Geography of the Tanami Desert

Modern devices made it possible to measure the total area occupied by this desert territory accurately, and as a result, the figure of 292,194 square kilometers appears in all textbooks and encyclopedias, including Wikipedia. It is difficult for an ordinary person to explain how it was possible to determine the area of ​​the desert so accurately, and where the natural border between Tanami and neighboring territories is.

A close look at the map of Australia allows you to find out the exact location of this desert. If you divide the continent into classical parts of north, south, west, east, then it turns out that Tanami spread its land mainly in Northern Australia, where it occupies the central regions. From the west, the Tanami in the neighbors has the Great Sandy Desert, on the southern border is the same neighbor the Gibson Desert, and on the southeast side is Alice Springs, a small settlement.

Scientists give the following characteristics of this desert region of the Australian continent: it is a desert steppe, typical of the central regions of the continent, and it consists of extensive sandy plains. The second component of the desert is dunes. You can also observe the shallow basins of the river Lander flowing in these places.


Although the territory, according to all classifications, belongs to deserts, scientists define the climate in it as semi-desert. This is because during the year the amount of precipitation can reach 430 mm. Moreover, 80% of precipitation occurs in this desert in the summer months, that is, from October to March.

The critical indicator that this is still a desert is the average air temperature in the summer and winter periods. In winter, the average daily temperature is + 25 ° С in the daytime and + 10 ° С at night. In summer, the Tanami Desert is much hotter: + 22 ° C on average at night, and + 37 ° C during the day.

Symbol of Sydney

Sydney is able to conquer the hearts of travelers because this city is a flourishing metropolis with parks and green oases. You should pay attention to the Royal Botanical Garden, where you can walk on the grass and lie down on the lawn. In addition, there are numerous beaches in and around Sydney. Surfing and ferry tours of the harbor are available for guests.

Sydney Opera House

The musical theater is a symbol of Sydney. It is worth noting that there are several halls inside: the Concert Hall where various concerts are organized, in particular, performances by world stars, a hall where ballet and opera performances are staged, the Drama Hall, which is used for musical and dramatic productions, and also restaurants.

Tourists will be interested in the morning excursion, during which they will be offered to go backstage and experience a theatrical atmosphere. As for those who want to go to the opera, this will be quite problematic, since it is advisable to engage in the purchase of tickets in advance, and their prices are not the cheapest.

Address: Bennelong Point, website:

Harbor bridge

For everyone older than ten years, excursions are regularly arranged. Approximate cost is $ 200, and travels on the bridge by personal transport is $ 3 to the top of the bridge. It rises more than 130 m above sea level, from where a spectacular panorama of Sydney opens.  In addition, an on-site instructor gives sightseers a suit with insurance.

It is worth noting that the Harbor Bridge is inextricably linked with the New Year celebrations, accompanied by pyrotechnic shows. At 21:00, guests and residents of Sydney indulge with family fireworks.

Address: Cumberland Street

Sydney Tower

The TV tower, more than 300 m high, is equipped with shops, 4D cinema, restaurants, two viewing platforms. It is supposed to move there by one of 3 high-speed elevators. They can bring you tp 250 and 268 meters in height. These two objects allow you to admire not only Sydney beauty but also the suburbs and neighboring cities.

Address: 100 Market Street, website:

Sydney Airport

Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

Kingsford Smith Airport is located in Australia’s largest city called Sydney. This airport is considered one of the oldest and largest airports in the world. Despite its age, the airport provides high-quality service organization thanks to constant upgrades.

Every year more than 32 million passengers are served there, and more than 300 thousand landings take place. The airport operates three runways, which are 2529, 2438 and 3968 meters long.

The airport is able to serve all types of aircraft, including the largest aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380.

It is worth saying that the airport does not send and does not accept flights from 11 pm to 6 am.


Sydney Airport has 3 active terminals:

  • Terminal 1 is used to serve international flights. It is in this terminal that the Airbus A380 is serviced. It has 25 telegraphs, in the terminal building there are 12 baggage carousels. The terminal began to be used since 1970.
  • Terminal 2 is used exclusively for domestic flights.
  • At the site of Terminal 3, the main passenger terminal was previously located, which was replaced by Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is also used for domestic flights, most of which are operated by Qantas.


In terminals for passengers are available various services that may be needed on the road.

Among the standard services can be distinguished cafes and restaurants, ATMs, mail, luggage storage, shops, etc.

There is a superior room for business class passengers. For children, there are playrooms and a mother’s and child’s room.


You can reach from the airport to Sydney can in several ways:

  • The bus company State Transit Airport bright green. Buses go to the city every 20 minutes, the cost of the ticket will be around $ 7. The journey will take about an hour.
  • Train. There is a railway station in all three terminals.
  • A taxi takes the passenger to the city center in about 15 minutes. The cost of the trip will be about $ 13.

In addition, companies providing rental cars operate at the airport. Therefore, the city can be reached on their own.